Moe Awashra

Doctoral Researcher
Doctoral Researcher
T105 Chemistry and Materials
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Tietotie 3 02150 Espoo Finland

Research groups

  • Microfabrication, Doctoral Researcher


Superhydrophilic/Superhydrophobic Droplet Microarrays of Low Surface Tension Biofluids for Nucleic Acid Detection

Mohammad Awashra, Pinja Elomaa, Tuomas Ojalehto, Päivi Saavalainen, Ville Jokinen 2024

(poster) Bosch-etched nanojungle black silicon and its applications

Lingju Meng, Moe Awashra, Xiaolong Liu, Seyed Mehran Mirmohammadi, Ville Jokinen, Sami Franssila 2024

Use of group 13 aryloxides for the synthesis of green chemicals and oxide materials

Rafał Petrus, Józef Utko, Joanna Petrus, Mohammad Awashra, Tadeusz Lis 2022