Miia Rinne

A806 Department of Art and Media

Miia Rinne is a media artist, and she has been working as university teacher at the Department of Art, Aalto University since autumn 2015. She has MA degrees from the University of Art and Design Helsinki and the Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki. She works mostly with moving image and installation. 

To her art is a medium of wondering about what human mind is. It interests her how the mind builds up throughout life and upon what previous generations pass on to us. She is fascinated with tacit knowledge, that is the great deal of intuitive, bodily and experiential knowledge the mind is unaware of. She likes to dig into past and archives, and mix older and more recent material with each other. 

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516 Kasvatustieteet

Honors and awards

3-years artist grant for media art

3-years artist grant awarded for the years 2014-16. Using fours monts of it from November 2017 on. The grant expires in the end of 2018. <br/><br/>Artist grant awarded for working with Rinne's long-term film/ video series that fuses hand painting on film and it's digital post-production.<br/>http://miiarinne.com/sea.html<br/>
Palkinto tai huomionosoitus tuotoksesta Taiteen laitos Nov 2017


Uusi mato

Miia Rinne 2021

Kunst im Traum, Teil I

Miia Rinne 2020


Miia Rinne, Virve Lukka 2020

Mixed feelings

Miia Rinne 2020


Miia Rinne 2020

Beautiful Confusion

Miia Rinne 2019


Miia Rinne 2019

Dark Days, White Nights -exhibition

Minna Suoniemi, Miia Rinne 2018