Matti Silveri

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Contingent Worker
T304 Dept. Applied Physics
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  • Quantum Computing and Devices, Visitor (Faculty)


Recent Developments in Quantum-Circuit Refrigeration

Timm Fabian Mörstedt, Arto Viitanen, Vasilii Vadimov, Vasilii Sevriuk, Matti Partanen, Eric Hyyppä, Gianluigi Catelani, Matti Silveri, Kuan Yen Tan, Mikko Möttönen 2022 Annalen der Physik

Charge dynamics in quantum-circuit refrigeration: Thermalization and microwave gain

Hao Hsu, Matti Silveri, Vasilii Sevriuk, Mikko Möttönen, Gianluigi Catelani 2021 AVS Quantum Science

Photon-number-dependent effective Lamb shift

Arto Viitanen, Matti Silveri, Mate Jenei, Vasilii Sevriuk, Kuan Y. Tan, Matti Partanen, Jan Goetz, Leif Gronberg, Vasilii Vadimov, Valtteri Lahtinen, Mikko Mottonen 2021 PHYSICAL REVIEW RESEARCH

Tunable refrigerator for nonlinear quantum electric circuits

Hao Hsu, Matti Silveri, Andras Gunyho, Jan Goetz, Gianluigi Catelani, Mikko Mottonen 2020 Physical Review B

Quantum-Circuit Refrigeration for Superconducting Devices

Matti Partanen, Kuan Tan, Shumpei Masuda, Juha Hyyppä, Mate Jenei, Jan Goetz, Vasilii Sevriuk, Matti Silveri, Mikko Möttönen 2020 21st Century Nanoscience – A Handbook

Calibration of cryogenic amplification chains using normal-metal-insulator-superconductor junctions

E. Hyyppä, M. Jenei, S. Masuda, V. Sevriuk, K. Y. Tan, M. Silveri, J. Goetz, M. Partanen, R. E. Lake, L. Grönberg, M. Möttönen 2019 Applied Physics Letters

Exceptional points in tunable superconducting resonators

Matti Partanen, Jan Goetz, Kuan Yen Tan, Kassius Kohvakka, Vasilii Sevriuk, Russell E. Lake, Roope Kokkoniemi, Joni Ikonen, Dibyendu Hazra, Akseli Makinen, Eric Hyyppa, Leif Gronberg, Visa Vesterinen, Matti Silveri, Mikko Mottonen 2019 Physical Review B

Fast control of dissipation in a superconducting resonator

V. A. Sevriuk, K. Y. Tan, E. Hyyppä, M. Silveri, M. Partanen, M. Jenei, S. Masuda, J. Goetz, V. Vesterinen, L. Grönberg, M. Möttönen 2019 Applied Physics Letters

Broadband Lamb shift in an engineered quantum system

Matti Silveri, Shumpei Masuda, Vasilii Sevriuk, Kuan Y. Tan, Máté Jenei, Eric Hyyppä, Fabian Hassler, Matti Partanen, Jan Goetz, Russell E. Lake, Leif Grönberg, Mikko Möttönen 2019 Nature Physics

Observation of microwave absorption and emission from incoherent electron tunneling through a normal-metal-insulator-superconductor junction

Shumpei Masuda, Kuan Y. Tan, Matti Partanen, Russell E. Lake, Joonas Govenius, Matti Silveri, Hermann Grabert, Mikko Möttönen 2018 Scientific Reports