Matias Heino

T213 Built Environment
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  • Water and Environmental Eng., Visitor (Faculty)


Agricultural input shocks affect crop yields more in the high-yielding areas of the world

Aino Ahvo, Matias Heino, Vilma Sandström, Daniel Chrisendo, Mika Jalava, Matti Kummu 2023 Nature food

Socioeconomic Factors of Food Loss in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

Daniel Chrisendo, Johannes Piipponen, Matias Heino, Matti Kummu 2023

Socioeconomic factors of global food loss

Daniel Chrisendo, Johannes Piipponen, Matias Heino, Matti Kummu 2023 Agriculture and Food Security

Climate change alters the global diversity of food crops

Sara Heikonen, Matias Heino, Mika Jalava, Matti Kummu 2023

Modeling the drivers of eutrophication in Finland with a machine learning approach

Sara Heikonen, Maria Yli-Heikkilä, Matias Heino 2023 Ecosphere

Increased probability of hot and dry weather extremes during the growing season threatens global crop yields

Matias Heino, Pekka Kinnunen, Weston Anderson, Deepak K. Ray, Michael J. Puma, Olli Varis, Stefan Siebert, Matti Kummu 2023 Scientific Reports

World’s human migration patterns in 2000–2019 unveiled by high-resolution data

Venla Niva, Alexander Horton, Vili Virkki, Matias Heino, Maria Kosonen, Marko Kallio, Pekka Kinnunen, Guy J. Abel, Raya Muttarak, Maija Taka, Olli Varis, Matti Kummu 2023 Nature Human Behaviour

Crop Yield Loss Risk Is Modulated by Anthropogenic Factors

Pekka Kinnunen, Matias Heino, Vilma Sandström, Maija Taka, Deepak K. Ray, Matti Kummu 2022 Earth's Future

Climate change risks pushing one-third of global food production outside the safe climatic space

Matti Kummu, Matias Heino, Maija Taka, Olli Varis, Daniel Viviroli 2021 One Earth