Masoud Torkan

Doctoral Candidate
Doctoral Candidate
T214 Civil Engineering
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  • Mineral Based Materials and Mechanics


Rapid Photogrammetry with a 360-Degree Camera for Tunnel Mapping

Mateusz Janiszewski, Masoud Torkan, Lauri Uotinen, Mikael Rinne 2022 Remote Sensing

Photogrammetric Method to Determine Physical Aperture and Roughness of a Rock Fracture

Masoud Torkan, Mateusz Janiszewski, Lauri Uotinen, Alireza Baghbanan, Mikael Rinne 2022 Sensors (Basel, Switzerland)

Photogrammetry based characterization of hydro-mechanical properties of a rock fracture

Masoud Torkan, Lauri Uotinen, Ville Nieminen, Mikael Rinne 2021 IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science

Photogrammetric prediction of rock fracture properties and validation with metric shear tests

Lauri Uotinen, Masoud Torkan, Alireza Baghbanan, Enrique Caballero Hernández, Mikael Rinne 2021 Geosciences (Switzerland)

Physical modeling of grout spreading in discrete fractured rocks

Masoud Torkan, Alireza Baghbanan, Hamid Hashemolhesieni, Mikael Rinne 2020 ISRM 9th Nordic Grouting Symposium, NGS 2019

Characterization of hydro-mechanical properties of rock fractures using steady state flow tests

Lauri Uotinen, Masoud Torkan, Mateusz Janiszewski, Alireza Baghbanan, Ville Nieminen, Mikael Rinne 2020 ISRM International Symposium - EUROCK 2020