Martti Larmi

Martti Larmi

Senior Advisor
Senior Advisor
T212 Mechanical Engineering

Main research interest:

  • new transport fuels and their chemical and physical properties and their performance in fuel conversion.
  • optical diagnostics in combustion and gas flow, including laser diagnostics
  • new combustion regimes in internal combustion, like dual fuel (DF) combustion and reaction controlled compression ignition (RCCI) combustion.
  • fuels and energy storage
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Research groups

  • Energy Conversion and Systems, Senior Advisor


A comparative study on methanol and n-dodecane spray flames using Large-Eddy Simulation

Ossi Tapani Kaario, Shervin Karimkashi, Atmadeep Bhattacharya, Ville Vuorinen, Martti Larmi, Xue Song Bai 2024 Combustion and Flame

Experimental study of hydrogen jet dynamics : Investigating free momentum and impingement phenomena

Maryam Yeganeh, Muhammad Saad Akram, Qiang Cheng, Shervin Karimkashi, Ossi Kaario, Martti Larmi 2024 International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

Experimental Study on Flash Boiling of Ammonia Fuel Sprays - A Potential Alternative Fuel

Muhammad Saad Akram, Maryam Yeganeh, Qiang Cheng, Ossi Kaario, Martti Larmi 2023 SAE Technical Papers

Fuel-air mixing in motored CFR engine at research octane number (RON) relevant condition

Atmadeep Bhattacharya, Karri Keskinen, Martti Larmi, Pinaki Pal, Yuri Kroyan, Teemu Sarjovaara, Ossi Kaario 2023 International Journal of Engine Research

Hyperspectral image reconstruction from colored natural flame luminosity imaging in a tri-fuel optical engine

Qiang Cheng, Shervin Karimkashi, Zeeshan Ahmad, Ossi Kaario, Ville Vuorinen, Martti Larmi 2023 Scientific Reports

Optical Investigation of the Diesel Spray Characteristics and Spray Geometry Prediction Model by Artificial Neural Network

Qiang Cheng, Zeeshan Ahmad, Viljam Grahn, Jari Hyvönen, Ossi Kaario, Martti Larmi 2023 SAE Technical Papers

Low-speed pre-ignition and super-knock in boosted spark-ignition engines : A review

Kristian Rönn, Andre Swarts, Vickey Kalaskar, Terry Alger, Rupali Tripathi, Juha Keskiväli, Ossi Kaario, Annukka Santasalo-Aarnio, Rolf Reitz, Martti Larmi 2023 Progress in Energy and Combustion Science

Pre-ignition Behavior of Gasoline Blends in a Single- Cylinder Engine with Varying Boost Pressure and Compression Ratio

Kristian Rönn, Martti Larmi, Benjamin Pehlivanlar, Christoph Göbel, Stefan Pischinger, Anna Karvo, Kalle Lehto, Johannes Fryjan 2023 SAE Technical Papers

Prediction of heavy-duty engine performance for renewable fuels based on fuel property characteristics

Michał Wojcieszyk, Yuri Kroyan, Ossi Kaario, Martti Larmi 2023 Energy

Experimental and Numerical Study of a Low-Pressure Hydrogen Jet under the Effect of Nozzle Geometry and Pressure Ratio

Maryam Yeganeh, Samuel Rabensteiner, Shervin Karimkashi, Qiang Cheng, Ossi Kaario, Martti Larmi 2023 SAE Technical Papers