Marko Terviö

E703 Dept. Economics

My research interests are in microeconomics, primarily in labor markets and secondarily in housing markets. I do both applied theoretical and empirical (micro data) research.  I have recently become engaged in projects that combine various Finnish register datasets, e.g. linked employer-employee data. On the modelling side, I have a specific interest in market assignment models.

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511 Economics


Maahanmuuttajien työllisyys kehittynyt suotuisasti viime vuosina

Max Toikka, Henna Laasonen, Marko Terviö 2023

The Survival of Mediocre Superstars in the Labor Market

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Aalto EI -raportti: Helsingin asuntotonttien luovutuksesta

Heidi Falkenbach, Oskari Harjunen, Eero Nokso-Koivisto, Marko Terviö 2020

Aalto EI -raportti: Markkinaehtoisen pysäköinnin perusteet

Oskari Harjunen, Pauli Murto, Eero Nokso-Koivisto, Marko Terviö 2020

Secular rise in economically valuable personality traits

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Returns to office in national and local politics

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Is economics a house divided?Analysis of citation networks

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Exit options and dividend policy under liquidity constraints


Income distribution and housing prices: An assignment model approach

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