Marja Nurminen

Marja Nurminen

A899 School common, ARTS

Lecturer, Drawing and Painting since 2006.Nurminen is also doctoral candidate at Aalto University since 2009. Her dissertation work has a work name: Thinking or Technique: Exploring the Teaching of Drawing in Higher Arts Education

The focus of the doctoral research project is in exploring the teaching of drawing in two art universities, one in Finland and the other in Sweden. These universities are the major institutions for educating professional artists, designers and architects in these two countries. The main research question is: What kind of meanings, experiences and understandings are involved in the teaching of drawing from the perspective of the teachers, artists and designers who teach and/or work professionally with drawing?

Studied painting in the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, Sweden 1989-1994. Worked as a Junior Lecturer in Painting at Konstfack, University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm, Sweden 1998-2006.

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Tutkija liikkuu - esseitä akateemisesta työstä

Keijo Räsänen, Inkeri Tanhua, Samuli Orko, Anna Leinonen, Laura Kangas-Muller, Tomi Koljonen, Nina Laaksonen, Olli Rappe, Jenni Savonen, Liisa Söderlund, Kristina Leppälä, Heidi Lehmuskumpu, Marja Nurminen, Antti Ikonen 2018


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