Luigi Acerbi

T313 Dept. Computer Science
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Online Simulator-Based Experimental Design for Cognitive Model Selection

Alexander Aushev, Aini Putkonen, Grégoire Clarté, Suyog Chandramouli, Luigi Acerbi, Samuel Kaski, Andrew Howes 2023

Learning Robust Statistics for Simulation-based Inference under Model Misspecification

Daolang Huang, Ayush Bharti, Amauri Holanda De Souza Junior, Luigi Acerbi, Samuel Kaski 2023

Practical Equivariances via Relational Conditional Neural Processes

Daolang Huang, Manuel Haussmann, Ulpu Remes, Ti John, Grégoire Clarté, Kevin Sebastian Luck, Samuel Kaski, Luigi Acerbi 2023

Parallel MCMC Without Embarrassing Failures

Daniel Augusto de Souza, Diego Parente Paiva Mesquita, Samuel Kaski, Luigi Acerbi 2022 Proceedings of The 25th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics

Tackling covariate shift with node-based Bayesian neural networks

Trung Q Trinh, Markus Heinonen, Luigi Acerbi, Samuel Kaski 2022 Proceedings of the 39th International Conference on Machine Learning