Linda Henriksson

Senior University Lecturer
Senior University Lecturer
T314 Dept. Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering
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Retinotopic mapping, Computational modeling, MEG, FMRI, Vision, Neuroscience, Magnetoencephalography, Visual neuroscience, Functional magnetic resonance imaging, Visual cortex, Extrastriate cortex, Scene vision, Social vision, Neuroimaging, Representational similarity, Eye movements, Face, Brain


Neuronavigated TMS of early visual cortex eliminates unconscious processing of chromatic stimuli

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Rapid Invariant Encoding of Scene Layout in Human OPA

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Optimization of Proprioceptive Stimulation Frequency and Movement Range for fMRI

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Optimization of proprioceptive stimulation frequency for fMRI studies

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Contextual and social cues may dominate natural visual search

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Fixed versus mixed RSA

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Perception and processing of faces in the human brain is tuned to typical feature locations

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From evoked potentials to cortical currents

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Radial Frequency Analysis of Contour Shapes in the Visual Cortex

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Centrality of Social Interaction in Human Brain Function

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