Leena Tanner

E704 Dept. Information and Service Management
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A repeatable e-collaboration process based on thinkLets for multi-organization strategy development

Johanna Bragge, Hilkka Merisalo-Rantanen, Antti Nurmi, Leena Tanner 2007 Group Decision and Negotiation

Executive views concerning decision support tools

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Neo-institutionalism and Agency in Strategy Tool Fashions: Prêt-à-porter or Haute Couture?

S. Stenfors, L. Tanner 2007 SMS Strategic Management Society 27th Annual International Conference, San Diego, US, 14-17 October, 2007

Using Activity-Based Evaluation Framework toDetermine Usefulness of a Strategy Tool

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GSS-Enabled Strategy Development in a Multi-Organization Environment,

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Use of decision support methods in the strategy process

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Ideas on Testing the Efficiency of the Korhonen-Wallenius-Zionts Method for Discrete Multiple Criteria Problem

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