Krisjanis Rijnieks
Department of Media

Krisjanis Rijnieks

Fab Lab Manager


Be like ninja. Leave no trace.


My job is to help Aalto students and other visitors at the Fab Lab to understand what the workshop is about and how to use the machines to materialise their projects. I have to maintain the lab and machines, as well as improve ways the lab is managed.

Currently my research is about ways of creating sustainable open labs with open hardware and software. My focus is simplicity and manageability on all layers: creation, management, using and replicating a lab. I am looking into ways to enter a doctoral programme at the moment.


I have a professional diploma in Illustration and 3D modelling, BA in Arts (painting) and an Aalto University MA in Arts and Design. As my master's thesis I developed a software plug-in for projection mapping with the Raspberry Pi minicomputer. You can learn more about that on the project website

I have been teaching the Digital Fabrication Studio course at the Aalto Fablab until 2016 and have done many projects related to the field of digital interactive media. You can learn more about my projects by visiting my website