Kirsi Niinimäki

Kirsi Niinimäki

Associate Professor
Associate Professor
A803 Dept. Design

Kirsi Niinimäki is Associate Professor in Design, especially Fashion Research, and the leader of the Fashion/Textiles Futures research group. Throughout her research Niinimäki aims towards a new, holistic understanding in the field of sustainable fashion and textiles and therefore her focus is on the connection between design, manufacturing systems, business models and consumption habits. Circular economy, strategic design, design practices and multidisciplinary collaboration are the base for her scientific knowledge building.

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When mortality knocks : Pandemic-inspired attitude shifts towards sustainable clothing consumption in six countries

Samira Iran, Cosette Joyner Martinez, Katia Vladimirova, Stephan Wallaschkowski , Sonali Diddi, Claudia Elisabeth Henninger, Helen McCormick, Kira Matus, Kirsi Niinimäki, Meike Sauerwein, Renu Singh, Loredana Tiedke 2022 International Journal of Sustainable Fashion and Textiles

Fit for the future : Garment quality and product lifetimes in a CE context.

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Fashion consumption during COVID-19 : Comparative analysis of changing acquisition practices across nine countries and implications for sustainability

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Designers – the agents of change

Pirjo Kääriäinen, Kirsi Niinimäki 2022 Designing Change : New Opportunities for Organisations

A more sustainable textile and fashion industry

Kirsi Niinimäki 2022 Designing Change : New opportunities for organisations

Quality matters


Designing for and with Garment Repair: an Exploration of Future Possibilities

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 Framing Regenerative Fashion

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Clothes Sharing in Cities: the case of fashion leasing

Kirsi Niinimäki 2021 The Modern Guide to the Urban Sharing Economy