Kirsi Eräranta

Senior University Lecturer
Senior University Lecturer
E706 Dept. Management Studies

My research focuses on the politics of business–society relations, and its complex implications for contemporary organizations and their stakeholders. I am a sociologically oriented organizational communication scholar, whose research agenda is theoretically positioned at the interface of organizational discourse and critical management and organization studies, with a specific focus on gender and intersectionality in organizations. In my research, I develop and deploy discursive theoretical and methodological perspectives to explore and examine a range of contemporary social issues and organizational phenomena, in order to advance knowledge of the relationships between business, government and society and, in particular, how these relationships change over time.

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Honors and awards

Naistutkimus–Kvinnoforskning: Best Women’s Studies Article of the Year - award 2005 by the Association for Women's Studies in Finland

Award or honor granted for a specific work Department of Management Studies Jan 2005

Christina Institute for Women’s Studies award for the best Master’s Thesis 2004

Award or honor granted for a specific work Department of Management Studies Jan 2004


Vastuullinen viestintä

Kirsi Eräranta, Visa Penttilä 2021

Vastuullisuusviestintä vastuullista viestintää?

Visa Penttilä, Kirsi Eräranta 2021 Vastuullinen viestintä

Reflections on the marketization of art in contemporary neoliberal capitalism

Kirsi Eräranta, Johanna Moisander, Visa Penttilä 2019 Museum Marketization

Morality of Tax Avoidance as a Question of Sociopolitical Legitimacy and CSR

Kirsi Eräranta, Johanna Moisander, Visa Penttilä 2017 Academy of Management Proceedings

Manifestations of Neoliberal Governmentality in Contemporary Work and Employment Relations.

Johanna Moisander, Claudia Groß, Kirsi Eräranta 2017 Academy of Management Proceedings

Gendering Theory in Marketing and Consumer Research

Zeynep Arsel, Kirsi Eräranta, Johanna Moisander 2016

Mapping the Pig Tale Journey

Kirsi Eräranta, Tomi Leino, Tuuli Seppälä, Sandra Vina , Eija Timonen 2016 CITY, CULTURE AND SOCIETY

The Europeanization of Nordic Gender Equality

Kirsi Eräranta, Johanna Kantola 2016 GENDER WORK AND ORGANIZATION