Kathrin Sele

Academy Research Fellow
Academy Research Fellow
E706 Dept. Management Studies
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Pushing the Boundary award

Awarded by the Strategizing Activities and Practices Interest Group
Award or honor granted for a specific work Department of Management Studies Aug 2019


From Fit to Fitting: A Routine Dynamics Perspective on M&A Synergy Realization

Nicola Mirc, Kathrin Sele, Audrey Rouzies, Duncan N. Angwin 2023

Practice Perspectives on Grand Challenges: Insights from SAP and Routine Dynamics Research

Kathrin Sele, Anja Danner-Schröder, Christian Mahringer, Martha Feldman, Brian Pentland, Paula Jarzabkowski, Linda Rouleau, Kathleen Sutcliffe, Joel Gehman 2022

From Big Data to Rich Theory: Integrating Critical Discourse Analysis with Structural Topic Modeling

Ana M. Aranda, Kathrin Sele, Helen Etchanchu, Jonne Y. Guyt, Eero Vaara 2021

Innovation Work and Routine Dynamics

Fleur Deken, Kathrin Sele 2021 Cambridge Handbook of Routine Dynamics

Actor-Network Theory and Routine Dynamics

Kathrin Sele 2021 Cambridge Handbook of Routine Dynamics

Practice(d) time as rhythmic organizing

Galina Kallio, Kathrin Sele 2018

Synchronizing bundles of routines through connecting work

Sébastien Picard, Kathrin Sele 2016