Kata Fodor

Doctoral Researcher
Doctoral Researcher
A803 Dept. Design
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Kone Research Grant

Award or honor granted for a specific work School Common ARTS Dec 2020

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Design at the End of the Food System

Kata Fodor 2022 A Research Agenda for Food Systems

Design for Sustainability Transformations: A ‘Deep Leverage Points’ Research Agenda for the (Post-)pandemic Context

Idil Gaziulusoy, Emilija Veselova, Elise Hodson, Eeva Berglund, Elif Erdogan Öztekin, Eeva Houtbeckers, Hella Hernberg, Mikko Jalas, Kata Fodor, Maria Ferreira Litowtschenko 2021

Hob Hub: A kitchen to share

Kata Fodor 2018