Kalle Kytölä

Professori (Associate professor)
Professori (Associate professor)
T302 Dept. Mathematics and Systems Analysis

Professor Kalle Kytölä's research topics include Schramm-Loewner evolutions (SLE), Conformal field theory (CFT), Ising model and other stochastic lattice models, Algebra and representation theory, Quantum groups and Discrete complex analysis.

Professor Kytölä is part of the Stochastics and statistics research group which developes and applies methods in probability theory, mathematical statistics, and algebra related to applications in information networks, data science, and natural sciences. The main research themes are random graph dynamics, asymptotic statistics, and mathematical physics.

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Areas of expertise

Stochastics, Mathematical physics, Conformal invariance, Representation theory

Research groups

  • Algebra and Discrete Mathematics, Professor (Associate Professor)
  • Mathematical Physics, Professor (Associate Professor)
  • Analysis, Professor (Associate Professor)


Slit-Strip Ising Boundary Conformal Field Theory 1: Discrete and Continuous Function Spaces

Taha Ameen, Kalle Kytölä, S. C. Park, David Radnell 2022

Boundary Correlations in Planar LERW and UST

Alex Karrila, Kalle Kytölä, Eveliina Peltola 2020

Conformal blocks, q-combinatorics, and quantum group symmetry

Alex Karrila, Kalle Kytölä, Eveliina Peltola 2019

SLE Boundary Visits

Niko Jokela, Matti Järvinen, Kalle Kytölä 2016

Pure Partition Functions of Multiple SLEs

Kalle Kytölä, Eveliina Peltola 2016

Discrete holomorphicity and Ising model operator formalism

Clément Hongler, Kalle Kytölä, Ali Zahab 2015

Elastic manifolds in disordered environments: energy statistics

K.P Kytola, E.T Seppala, Mikko J. Alava 2003