Jyrki Sinkkilä

T201 Dept. Architecture

My artistic background is in 25 years of practical experience in landscape architectural design. During these years, I have been involved in demanding site planning and environmental design projects related to housing areas, public premises and open spaces as well as urban development. Besides several realized design projects I have been invited and awarded prizes in landscape architectural competitions.

Landscape architecture is creative craft. It relies on artistic strategies when improving the existing conditions or matching people’s needs or addressing environmental problems. In my current academic role, I investigate landscape architecture as a form of art in its theoretical and historical context. In this work, I am especially interested in finding new means and media of artistic research for an emerging discipline and establishing profession.

I am a part of the focus group LAND in the Department of Architecture. Since year 2014, I have been heading the Master’s Degree Programme of Landscape Architecture, unique in Finland.

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Golden badge awarded by the Central Organization for Finnish Horticulture (Puutarhaliitto-Trädgårdsförbundet)

A golden badge is awarded to a private person for recognition of one’s achievements in the sector of horticulture in Finland.
Award or honor granted for academic career Department of Architecture Oct 2018