Jussi Leveinen

T214 Civil Engineering

Multidisciplinary R&D collaboration and applied geosciences,  PhD focused in hydrogeology from University of Helsinki. Recent examples include AMD, mineral composition and electro-chemical characteristics of low sulfide mining tailings, mineral interactions in forest soils affecting growth of certain fungal species. Ongoing research activities focus on the use of remote laser-techniques in assessing mineral composition and engineering geological properties or rocks.

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Geologia, Applied geophysics, Engineering geology, Georakentaminen

Research groups

  • Mineral Based Materials and Mechanics, Professor


Utilizing Recycled concrete aggregate for treating Acid mine drainage

Elmira Brooshan, Tommi Kauppila, Małgorzata Szlachta, Mohammad Jooshaki, Jussi Leveinen 2023 Cleaner Materials

FIN-EPOS – Finnish national node of the European Plate Observing System

Annakaisa Korja, Markku Poutanen, Satu Mertanen, Elena Kozlovskaya, Thomas Fordell, Jussi Leveinen, Ari Viljanen, Antti Pursula, Niina Junno 2021 LITHOSPHERE 2021: ELEVENTH SYMPOSIUM ON STRUCTURE, COMPOSITION AND EVOLUTION OF THE LITHOSPHERE

Enhanced quantification of wollastonite and calcite in limestone using fluorescence correction based on continuous wavelet transformation for Raman

Kati Laakso, Lasse Kangas, Heikki Hakkanen, Saara Kaski, Jussi Leveinen 2021 APPLIED SPECTROSCOPY REVIEWS

Virtual Reality Learning Environments for Rock Engineering, Geology and Mining Education

Mateusz Janiszewski, Lauri Uotinen, Jeremiasz Merkel, Jussi Leveinen, Mikael Rinne 2020 54th U.S. Rock Mechanics/Geomechanics Symposium, 28 June - 1 July

Water quality changes and organic matter removal using natural bank infiltration at a boreal lake in Finland

Maija Jylhä-Ollila, Hanne Laine-Kaulio, Paula Niinikoski-Fusswinkel, Jussi Leveinen, Harri Koivusalo 2020 HYDROGEOLOGY JOURNAL

VR learning environments for rock engineering and mining education

Mateusz Janiszewski, Lauri Uotinen, Jeremiasz Merkel, Jussi Leveinen, Mikael Rinne 2019

Identification of rocks using a hyperspectral supercontinuum lidar

Lasse Kangas, Jussi Leveinen, O. Nevalainen, S. Kaasalainen 2016

Composition of abraded dust from asphalt pavement produced using ferrochromium smelter slag (OKTO-aggregate)

Michalina Makowska, Jussi Leveinen, Terhi Pellinen, Riikka Marjamaa 2015

Okto-mursketta sisältävä asfalttipöly ja autojen hammasrattaiden vauriot

Terhi Pellinen, Michalina Makowska, Jussi Leveinen, Riikka Marjamaa 2015 Tie ja liikenne

Spectral induced polarization (SIP) response of mine tailings

Edmundo Placencia-Gomez, Annika Parviainen, Lee Slater, Jussi Leveinen 2015 JOURNAL OF CONTAMINANT HYDROLOGY