Juhani Vaivio

E701 Dept. Accounting
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Accounting in Identity Regulation

Juhani Vaivio, Marko Järvenpää, Antti Rautiainen 2023 European Accounting Review

Interviews - Learning the craft of qualitative research interviewing

Juhani Vaivio 2012 European Accounting Review

Insights into method triangulation and "paradigms" in interpretive management accounting research

Juhani Vaivio, Anna Sirén 2010 Management Accounting Research

Qualitative managementaccounting research: rationale,pitfalls and potential

J. Vaivio 2008 Qualitative Research in Accounting and Management

"From bean counters to change agents": Where Kari Lukka´s influence extends beyond accounting research

Juhani Vaivio 2007 Total quality in academic accounting - Essays in honour of Kari Lukka

Qualitative Research on Management Accounting: Achievements and Potential

Juhani Vaivio 2007 Issues in Management Accounting

Counting Big: Re-examining the Concept of the Bean Counter Controller

J. Vaivio, T. Kokko 2006 Liiketaloudellinen aikakauskirja

The Business Controller, Non-Financial Measurement and Tacit Knowledge

J. Vaivio 2006 Liiketaloudellinen aikakauskirja

"Strategic" non-financial measurement in an organizational context: a critique

J. Vaivio 2005 Accounting in Scandinavia - The Northern Lights