Juhana Siljander

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Visitor (Student)
E703 Dept. Economics
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Hölder regularity for parabolic De Giorgi classes in metric measure spaces

Mathias Masson, Juhana Siljander 2013 Manuscripta Mathematica

Hölder continuity for Trudinger's equation in measure spaces

Tuomo Kuusi, Rojbin Laleoglu, Juhana Siljander, José Miguel Urbano 2012 Calculus of Variations and Partial Differential Equations

Local Hölder continuity for doubly nonlinear parabolic equations

Tuomo Kuusi, Juhana Siljander, José Miguel Urbano 2012 Indiana University Mathematics Journal

Boundedness of the gradient for a doubly nonlinear parabolic equation

Juhana Siljander 2010 Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications

Obstacle problem for nonlinear parabolic equations

Riikka Korte, Tuomo Kuusi, Juhana Siljander 2009 Journal of Differential Equations