Joonas Ryssy

Contingent Worker
Contingent Worker
T314 Dept. Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering
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A DNA origami-based device for investigating DNA bending proteins by transmission electron microscopy

Ashwin Karthick Natarajan, Joonas Ryssy, Anton Kuzyk 2023 Nanoscale

Measuring the Affinities of RNA and DNA Aptamers with DNA Origami-Based Chiral Plasmonic Probes

Yike Huang, Joonas Ryssy, Minh Kha Nguyen, Jacky Loo, Susanna Hällsten, Anton Kuzyk 2022 Analytical Chemistry

DNA‐Engineered Hydrogels with Light‐Adaptive Plasmonic Responses

Joonas Ryssy, Arttu Lehtonen, Jacky Loo, Kha Nguyen, Jani Seitsonen, Yike Huang, Badri Narauanen Narasimhan, Juho Pokki, Anton Kuzyk, Sesha Manuguri 2022 Advanced Functional Materials

Light-Responsive Dynamic DNA-Origami-Based Plasmonic Assemblies

Joonas Ryssy, Ashwin K. Natarajan, Jinhua Wang, Arttu J Lehtonen, Kha Nguyen, Rafal Klajn, Anton Kuzyk 2021 Angewandte Chemie (International Edition)

Ultrathin Silica Coating of DNA Origami Nanostructures

Minh-Kha Nguyen, Vu Hoang Nguyen, Ashwin Karthick Natarajan, Yike Huang, Joonas Ryssy, Boxuan Shen, Anton Kuzyk 2020 Chemistry of Materials