John P. Lemmon

China Energy National Institute of Clean and-Low-Carbon Energy (NICE), China
John P. Lemmon

Dr. John P. Lemmon is currently the Director of New Energy Technology at China Energy Group research center, National Institute of Clean and Low-Carbon Energy (NICE) located in Beijing. In this role Dr. Lemmon is leading in the development of new clean energy technologies that will transform the traditional power grid into a new highly distributed network that combines power, big data, storage and chemical generation. His platform is broadly focused across implementing an IoT based power systems design and controls along with energy storage technologies that span multiple applications and duration and include Li-metal, flow batteries, hydrogen generation and CO2 conversion technologies. He has authored 2 book chapters and over 100 publications in high level international journals.  Dr. Lemmon has been a prolific inventor with 130 patent applications and over 70 US granted patents that includes a 100 R&D award in Lithium ion battery technology.

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