Jari Aromaa

Vanhempi yliopistonlehtori
Vanhempi yliopistonlehtori
T106 Chemical and Metallurgical Eng
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Leaching of Waste Pharmaceutical Blister Package Aluminium in Sulphuric Acid Media

Sugam Shukla, Alexander Chernyaev, Petteri Halli, Jari Aromaa, Mari Lundström 2023 Metals

The effect of air-formed oxide film on copper corrosion during the initial phase of final deposition of nuclear waste

Jari Aromaa, Ha Linh Vu, Mari Lundström 2022 Current Topics in Electrochemistry

Alternative Method for Treating Electric Arc Furnace Dust

Marja Rinne, Petteri Halli, Jari Aromaa, Mari Lundström 2022 Journal of Sustainable Metallurgy

Corrosion rate of copper canisters used for final disposal of nuclear waste, in synthetic ground water and bentonite clay pore water

Jari Aromaa, Muhammad Kamran Khalid, Arif Tirto Aji, Mari Lundström 2021 Current Topics in Electrochemistry

The Oxidation of Copper in Air at Temperatures up to 100 °C

Jari Aromaa, Marko Kekkonen, Mehrdad Mousapour, Ari Jokilaakso, Mari Lundström 2021 Corrosion and Materials Degradation

Industrial validation of conductivity and viscosity models for copper electrolysis processes

Taina Kalliomäki, Arif T. Aji, Shila Jafari, Waltteri Leskinen, Benjamin P. Wilson, Jari Aromaa, Mari Lundström 2021 Minerals Engineering

Copper cathode contamination by nickel in copper electrorefining

Mika Sahlman, Jari Aromaa, Mari Lundström 2021 Metals

Design of optimal electrolyte circulation based on the kinetic modelling of copper dissolution in silver electrorefining

Arif Aji, Joseph Hamuyuni, Jari Aromaa, Benjamin P. Wilson, Mari Lundström 2020 Hydrometallurgy