Janne Gustafsson

T302 Dept. Mathematics and Systems Analysis
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Valuation of Risky Projects and Illiquid Investments Using Portfolio Selection Models

Janne Gustafsson, Bert De Reyck, Zeger Degraeve, Ahti Salo 2011 Portfolio Decision Analysis

Contingent portfolio programming for the management of risky projects

Janne Gustafsson, Ahti Salo 2005 Operations Research

Project valuation in mixed asset portfolio selection

Janne Gustafsson, B. De Reyck, Z. Degraeve, Ahti Salo 2005

Project Valuation under Ambiguity

Janne Gustafsson, Ahti Salo 2005

PRIME Decisions - An interactive Tool for Value Tree Analysis

Janne Gustafsson, Ahti Salo, Tommi Gustafsson 2001 Multiple Criteria Decision Making in the New Millennium

Scenario-Based Appraisal of R&D Projects with Contingent Portfolio Programming

J. Gustafsson, A. Salo 2001 Group Decision & Negotiation 2001, La Rochelle, France, June 4-7, 2001