Iqra Sadaf Khan

Postdoctoral Researcher
Postdoctoral Researcher
E706 Dept. Management Studies
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Industry 4.0 innovations and their implications: An evaluation from sustainable development perspective

Iqra Sadaf Khan, Muhammad Ovais Ahmad, Jukka Majava 2023 Journal of Cleaner Production

Sustainable supply chains in the heavy vehicle and equipment industry: A multiple-case study of four manufacturers

Ehsan Shekarian, Anupama Prashar, Jukka Majava, Iqra Sadaf Khan, Sayed Mohammad Ayati, Ilkka Sillanpää 2023 Benchmarking

Industry 4.0 in Finland: Towards Twin Transition

Iqra Khan, Osmo Kauppila, Jukka Majava, Marko Jurmu, Jan Olaf Blech, Elina Annanperä, Marko Jurvansuu, Susanna Pirttikangas 2022 Industry 4.0 in SMEs Across the Globe