Indrė Žliobaitė

T313 Dept. Computer Science
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Adaptation, Concept drift, Evolving data streams, Change detection, Predictive analytics, Discrimination aware data mining


Computational biomes

Esther Galbrun, Hui Tang, Mikael Fortelius, Indrė Žliobaitė 2018 Palaeontologia Electronica

A survey of evaluation methods for personal route and destination prediction from mobility traces

Roelant A. Stegmann, Indrė Žliobaitė, Tuukka Tolvanen, Jaakko Hollmén, Jesse Read 2018 Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery


Alexandr Maslov, Mykola Pechenizkiy, Yulong Pel, Indre Zliobaite, Alexander Shklyaev, Tommi Karkkainen, Jaakko Hollmen 2017 2017 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks, IJCNN 2017 - Proceedings

A 5.3 pJ/op approximate TTA VLIW tailored for machine learning

Jukka Teittinen, Markus Hiienkari, Indre Zliobaite, Jaakko Hollmen, Heikki Berg, Juha Heiskala, Timo Viitanen, Jesse Simonsson, Lauri Koskinen 2017 Microelectronics Journal

An ecometric analysis of the fossil mammal record of the Turkana basin

Mikael Fortelius, Indre Zliobaite, Ferhat Kaya, Faysal Bibi, René Bobe, Louise Leakey, Meave Leakey, David Patterson, Janina Rannikko, Lars Werdelin 2016 PHILOSOPHICAL TRANSACTIONS OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY B: BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES

Predicting Respiratory Motion for Real-Time Tumour Tracking in Radiotherapy

Tomas Krilavicius, Indre Zliobaite, Henrikas Simonavicius, Laimonas Jarusevicius 2016 IEEE Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems

Environmental control of growth variation in a boreal scots pine stand – A data-driven approach

Liisa Kulmala, Indre Zliobaite, Eero Nikinmaa, Pekka Nöjd, Pasi Kolari, Kourosh Kabiri Koupaei, Jaakko Hollmén, Harri Mäkinen 2016 Silva Fennica

Modelling recurrent events for improving online change detection

Alexandr Maslov, Mykola Pechenizkiy, Indre Zliobaite, Tommi Kärkkäinen 2016 Proceedings of the 2016 SIAM International Conference on Data Mining

Labeling sensing data for mobility modeling

Jesse Read, Indre Zliobaite, Jaakko Hollmén 2016 INFORMATION SYSTEMS

An Overview of Concept Drift Applications

Indre Zliobaite, Mykola Pechenizkiy, Joao Gama 2016 Big Data Analysis: New Algorithms for a New Society