Imran Asghar

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Contingent Worker
T304 Dept. Applied Physics
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  • New Energy Technologies, Visitor (Faculty)


Additive Manufacturing of Single-Layer Protonic Ceramic Fuel Cells

Imran Asghar, Peter Lund 2023 ECS Transactions

LSF films formed on YSZ electrolytes via polymeric precursor deposition for solid oxide fuel cell anode applications

Buse Bilbey, M. Imran Asghar, Leyla Colakerol Arslan, Peter D. Lund, Aligul Büyükaksoy 2023 Fuel Cells

Semiconductor Heterostructure (SFT-SnO2) Electrolyte with Enhanced Ionic Conduction for Ceramic Fuel Cells

Yuzheng Lu, M. A.K.Yousaf Shah, Naveed Mushtaq, Muhammad Yousaf, Nabeela Akbar, Naila Arshad, Muhammad Sultan Irshad, Peter D. Lund, Bin Zhu, Imran Asghar 2023 ACS Applied Energy Materials

Designing Gadolinium-doped ceria electrolyte for low temperature electrochemical energy conversion

M. A.K.Yousaf Shah, Yuzheng Lu, Naveed Mushtaq, Muhammad Yousaf, Peter D. Lund, Muhammad Imran Asghar, Bin Zhu 2023 International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

Novel LaFe2O4 spinel structure with a large oxygen reduction response towards protonic ceramic fuel cell cathode

Jinping Wang, Yuzheng Lu, Naveed Mushtaq, M. A.K. Yousaf Shah, Sajid Rauf, Peter Lund, Imran Asghar 2023 Journal of Rare Earths

Enabling high ionic conductivity in semiconductor electrolyte membrane by surface engineering and band alignment for LT-CFCs

M.A.K. Yousaf Shah, Yuzheng Lu, Naveed Mushtaq, Muhammad Yousaf, Muhammad Akbar, Sajid Rauf, Yiwang Dong, Peter Lund, Bin Zhu, Imran Asghar 2023 Journal of Membrane Science

Development and characterization of highly stable electrode inks for low-temperature ceramic fuel cells

Sanaz Zarabi Golkhatmi, Muhammad Imran Asghar, Peter D. Lund 2022 Journal of Power Sources

A heterostructure p-n junction constituting of fluorite and perovskite semiconductors for electrochemical energy conversion

Jiamei Liu, Decai Zhu, Chengjun Zhu, Yifu Jing, Xin Jia, Yingbo Zhang, Min Yang, Jie Yu, Liangdong Fan, Muhammad Imran Asghar, Peter D. Lund 2022 Energy Conversion and Management

A-site deficient semiconductor electrolyte Sr1−xCoxFeO3−δ for low-temperature (450-550 °C) solid oxide fuel cells

Yuzheng Lu, M. A.K. Yousaf Shah, Naveed Mushtaq, Muhammad Yousaf, Peter D. Lund, Bin Zhu, Muhammad Imran Asghar 2022 RSC Advances

Modulating the Energy Band Structure of the Mg-Doped Sr0.5Pr0.5Fe0.2Mg0.2Ti0.6O3-δElectrolyte with Boosted Ionic Conductivity and Electrochemical Performance for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

Sajid Rauf, Muhammad Bilal Hanif, Naveed Mushtaq, Zuhra Tayyab, Nasir Ali, M. A.K.Yousaf Shah, Martin Motola, Adil Saleem, Muhammad Imran Asghar, Rashid Iqbal, Changping Yang, Wei Xu 2022 ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces