Ilmari Eliot Talvitie

Doctoral Researcher
T213 Built Environment
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  • Real Estate, Doctoral Researcher


Can future cities grow a carbon storage equal to forests?

Ilmari Talvitie, Antti Kinnunen, Ali Amiri, Seppo Junnila 2023 Environmental Research Letters

Carbon sequestration and storage potential of urban residential environment – A review

Antti Kinnunen, Ilmari Talvitie, Juudit Ottelin, Jukka Heinonen, Seppo Junnila 2022 Sustainable Cities and Society

Climate benefits of wooden construction in urban context

I. Talvitie, A. Amiri, S. Junnila 2022 IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science

REAL2030 : Loppuraportti

Jani Laine, Tuulia Puustinen, Ilmari Talvitie, Seppo Junnila 2021

Economic feasibility of wood-based products – Improving urban carbon neutrality strategies

Ilmari Talvitie, Jussi Vimpari, Seppo Junnila 2021 Environmental Research: Infrastructure and Sustainability