Iivo Vehviläinen

Senior Scientist
Senior Scientist
E703 Dept. Economics

My research is applied microeconomics with strong focus on energy markets. In addition, I have intrest in market structures, market performance and regulation. I have a PhD from the application of mathematical finance to the Nordic electricity markets. Adjunct to my academic interests I have worked in the energy industry.

My current focus is on three themes related to the ongoing energy transi-tion. First, what is the impact of renewable energy to electricity markets, especially how wind power affects hydro dominated Nordic market. Second, given the market impacts, how will incumbent utilities react, nuclear power in Sweden in particular. Third, what are the economic viabilities and distributional impacts of demand side technologies, such as demand response and battery storage.

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Rational Rationing: A Price-Control Mechanism for a Persistent Supply Shock

Reyer Gerlagh, Matti Liski, Iivo Vehviläinen 2022

Stabilizing the EU Electricity Market: Mandatory Demand Reduction and a Lower Price Cap

Reyer Gerlagh, Matti Liski, Iivo Vehviläinen 2022 EconPol Forum

Rivers under pressure: Interdisciplinary feasibility analysis of sustainable hydropower

Antti Iho, Niko Soininen, Iivo Vehviläinen, Saija Koljonen, Janne Artell, Antti Belinskij 2022 Environmental Policy and Governance

Gone with the Wind? An Empirical Analysis of the Equilibrium Impact of Renewable Energy

Matti Liski, Iivo Vehviläinen 2020 Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists

The Celebration of Global Differences in Electricity Markets

Iivo Vehviläinen, Eero Nokso-Koivisto, Mikko Helenius 2020