Henry Gustavsson

T214 Civil Engineering
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  • Mineral Based Materials and Mechanics, University Teacher


Carbon Sequestration Capacity of Stabilized Soft Clays with Recycled Binders

Bruk Belay Dejenie, Ammavajjala Sesha Sai Raghuram, Leena Korkiala-Tanttu, Juha Forsman, Henry Gustavsson 2024 GEOTECHNICAL TESTING JOURNAL

Aalto-yliopiston kuulumisia

Leena Korkiala-Tanttu, Henry Gustavsson 2023 Geofoor

Aalto-yliopiston kuulumisia

Leena Korkiala-Tanttu, Henry Gustavsson 2022 Geofoor

Comparison between hydrometer and laser diffraction methods in the determination of clay content in fine-grained soils

A. Lopez, H. Gustavsson, L. Korkiala-Tanttu 2021 IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science

New Finnish Guideline on Frost Protection

Henry Gustavsson, Seppo Saarelainen 2019

Education on the utilization of secondary materials in earthworks

Pirjo Kuula, Minna Leppänen, Pauli Kolisoja, Leena Korkiala-Tanttu, Henry Gustavsson, Jaana Sorvari 2018 Proceedings of 10th international conference on the Environmental and Technical Implications of Construction with Alternative Materials

Post-use Examination of EPS Block Characteristics: Finnish Case Histories

Gowthaman Sinnathamby, Leena Korkiala-Tanttu, Henry Gustavsson 2018 5th International Conference on Geofoam Blocks in Construction Applications

Non-associated mechanical modelling of soft Finnish clays

Osmo Korhonen, Monica Löfman, Leena Korkiala-Tanttu, Henry Gustavsson, Matti Lojander, Samuli Laaksonen, Mirva Koskinen 2017 Proceedings of the 19th International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, Seoul 2017

Climate change and freezing conditions in Finland

Seppo Saarelainen, Henry Gustavsson, Leena Korkiala-Tanttu 2017 Proceedings of 19th International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering