Henriikka Huunan-Seppälä

Henriikka Huunan-Seppälä

Asiantuntija, opiskelijarekrytointi
U902 Learning Services

Student recruitment responsibilities:

  • Applicant Surveys (Master's, Finnish Bachelor's, English Bachelor's, Decliners)
  • Student Recruitment events: Koe Aalto-kampus!, Oposeminaari, Studia
  • Student ambassador high school visit and campus tour activities' development
  • Programme descriptions and aalto.fi/studies development
  • Student recruitment statistics and admissions communications

Research interests:

  • Visual culture and bodily representation
  • Feminist theory and psychoanalytic interpretation of art
  • The grotesque body, monsters and mythological figures
  • The effects of media imagery on culture and societal change
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