Henri Schildt

E706 Dept. Management Studies

Henri Schildt is currently teaching and writing a book on digital strategies and data-driven management. He is also the principal investigator in Academy of Finland funded project studying how social enterprises and NGOs work with refugees to counter marginalization. His on-going research interests include strategic change, strategy processes, and organizational cognition.

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Honors and awards

The Bootz Allen Hamilton/Strategic Management Society Best PhD Paper 2004 Runner Up-Award Strategic Management Society, USA

Award or honor granted for a specific work Department of Management Studies Jan 2004

Researcher of the year, Kauppakorkeakoulun tukisäätiö

Award or honor granted for academic or artistic career Department of Management Studies Jan 2015

Master's Thesis Award 2003 Helsinki University of Technology, Finland

Award or honor granted for a specific work Department of Management Studies Jan 2003


Data-induced Rationality and Unitary Spaces in Interfirm Collaboration

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What to teach when we teach digital strategy? An exploration of the nascent field

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Countering Indeterminate Temporariness: Sheltering work in refugee camps

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The Institutional Logic of Digitalization

Henri Schildt 2022 Digital Transformation and Institutional Theory

The Escalation of Organizational Moral Failure in Public Discourse: A Semiotic Analysis of Nokia’s Bochum Plant Closure

Lauri Wessel, Riku Ruotsalainen, Henri Schildt, Christopher Wickert 2022 Journal of Business Ethics

Power in Sensemaking Processes

Henri Schildt, Saku Mantere, Joep Cornelissen 2020 Organization Studies

The Data Imperative

Henri Schildt 2020

Generative imitation, strategic distancing and optimal distinctiveness during the growth, decline and stabilization of Silicon Alley

Raghu Garud, Theresa K. Lant, Henri Schildt 2019 Innovation: Management, Policy and Practice

Strategic concepts as micro-level tools in strategic sensemaking

Kari Jalonen, Henri Schildt, Eero Vaara 2018 Strategic Management Journal