Heli Nissilä

Heli Nissilä

Academy Research Fellow
Academy Research Fellow
E706 Dept. Management Studies

I conduct research in organization and management and sustainable energy transitions with a focus on nascent sustainability-driven markets and fields. My studies have used theoretical lenses such as collective action, framing and temporality as a negotiated construction of time during market and field emergence as well as the creation of sustainable niches during the energy transition. I use different types of qualitative data to develop novel theoretical insight in a phenomenon-driven manner.

I am currently engaged with a four-year fellowship funded by the Research Council of Finland, where I study the emergence of social and environmental impact assessment and the nascent impact investing market as a site for creating societal and environmental outcomes – on top of economic objectives. Besides impact investing, my empirical topics have covered the emergence of new renewable energy sources, especially solar energy, in the North.

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Areas of expertise

Nascent fields and markets, Sustainability in business, institutional theory, Temporality, Impact Assessment, Impact investing, Solar energy, Energy transition, Collective Action, Framing

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  • Sustainability in Business


Doing Qualitative Research on Emerging Fields and Industries

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