Harri Hakula

Principal University Lecturer
Principal University Lecturer
T302 Dept. Mathematics and Systems Analysis
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  • Numerical Analysis, Senior University Lecturer


Uncertainty quantification for random domains using periodic random variables

Harri Hakula, Helmut Harbrecht, Vesa Kaarnioja, Frances Y. Kuo, Ian H. Sloan 2024 Numerische Mathematik

Free vibration of perforated cylindrical shells of revolution: Asymptotics and effective material parameters

Stefano Giani, Harri Hakula 2023 Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering

On effects of concentrated loads on perforated sensitive shells of revolution

Stefano Giani, Harri Hakula 2023 Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics

Stochastic collocation method for computing eigenspaces of parameter-dependent operators

Luka Grubišić, Mikael Saarikangas, Harri Hakula 2023 Numerische Mathematik

Assessing the Structural Performance of Biodegradable Capsules

Harri Hakula 2023 Applied Sciences (Switzerland)

Conformal capacity and polycircular domains

Harri Hakula, Mohamed M.S. Nasser, Matti Vuorinen 2023 Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics

High order approximations of the operator Lyapunov equation have low rank

Luka Grubišić, Harri Hakula 2022 BIT Numerical Mathematics

Low-Rank Approximation of Frequency Response Analysis of Perforated Cylinders under Uncertainty

Harri Hakula, Mikael Laaksonen 2022 Applied Sciences (Switzerland)