Hang-Hyun Jo

T313 Dept. Computer Science
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Individual-driven versus interaction-driven burstiness in human dynamics

Jeehye Choi, Takayuki Hiraoka, Hang Hyun Jo 2021 Physical Review E

Internal migration and mobile communication patterns among pairs with strong ties

Mikaela Irene D. Fudolig, Daniel Monsivais, Kunal Bhattacharya, Hang Hyun Jo, Kimmo Kaski 2021 EPJ Data Science

Modeling the Complex Network of Social Interactions

Janos Kertesz, Janos Török, Yohsuke Murase, Hang-Hyun Jo, Kimmo Kaski 2021 Pathways Between Social Science and Computational Social Science

Different patterns of social closeness observed in mobile phone communication

Mikaela Irene D. Fudolig, Daniel Monsivais, Kunal Bhattacharya, Hang-Hyun Jo, Kimmo Kaski 2020 Journal of Computational Social Science

Link-centric analysis of variation by demographics in mobile phone communication patterns

Mikaela Irene D. Fudolig, Kunal Bhattacharya, Daniel Monsivais, Hang Hyun Jo, Kimmo Kaski 2020 PloS one

Modeling temporal networks with bursty activity patterns of nodes and links

Takayuki Hiraoka, Naoki Masuda, Aming Li, Hang-Hyun Jo 2020 PHYSICAL REVIEW RESEARCH

Burst-tree decomposition of time series reveals the structure of temporal correlations

Hang Hyun Jo, Takayuki Hiraoka, Mikko Kivelä 2020 Scientific Reports

Gravity model explained by the radiation model on a population landscape

Inho Hong, Woo Sung Jung, Hang Hyun Jo 2019 PloS one

Special issue "computational social science"

Gerardo Iñiguez, Hang Hyun Jo, Kimmo Kaski 2019 Information (Switzerland)

Special Issue "Computational Social Science"

Gerardo Iniguez Gonzalez, Hang-Hyun Jo, Kimmo Kaski 2019 Information (Switzerland)