Hadi Tarzamni

Doctoral Researcher
T410 Dept. Electrical Engineering and Automation
Doctoral Researcher
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  • Industrial and Power Electronics, Väitöskirjatutkija


Non-Isolated High Step-Up DC-DC Converters: Comparative Review and Metrics Applicability

Hadi Tarzamni, Homayon Soltani Gohari, Mehran Sabahi, Jorma Kyyra 2024 IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics

Non-isolated Ultra-high Voltage Gain Coupled Inductor-based DC-DC Converter

Homayon Soltani Gohari, Naghi Abbasi Mardakheh, Hadi Tarzamni, Naser Vosoughi Kurdkandi, Karim Abbaszadeh, Jorma Kyyra 2023 IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II: Express Briefs

PV-Grid Integrated Multifunctional Buck-boost On-board EV Charger with CCM-DCM Operation

Homayoun Soltani Gohari, Hadi Tarzamni, Peter Sergeant, Hendrik Vansompel 2023 IECON 2023- 49th Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society

A Seventeen-Level Step-up Switched-Capacitor Based Multilevel Inverter with Reduced Charging Current Stress on Capacitors for PV Applications

Saiedeh Khadem Haghighian, Hen Geul Yeh, Milad Ghavipanjeh Marangalu, Naser Vosoughi Kurdkandi, Maysam Abbasi, Hadi Tarzamni 2023 IEEE Access

A Modified Switched-Capacitor Based Seventeen-Level Inverter With Reduced Capacitor Charging Spike for RES Applications

Milad Ghavipanjeh Marangalu, Naser Vosoughi Kurdkandi, Seyed Hossein Hosseini, Hadi Tarzamni, Mohamed Dahidah, Mitra Sarhangzadeh 2023 IEEE Open Journal of Power Electronics

A New Single DC Source Five-Level Boost Inverter Applicable to Grid-Tied Systems

Milad Ghavipanjeh Marangalu, Naser Vosoughi Kurdkandi, Peyman Alavi, Saeideh Khadem, Hadi Tarzamni, Ali Mehrizi-Sani 2023 IEEE Access

Fault Management Techniques to Enhance the Reliability of Power Electronic Converters

Saeed Rahimpour, Oleksandr Husev, Dmitri Vinnikov, Naser Vosoughi Kurdkandi, Hadi Tarzamni 2023 IEEE Access

High Step-up Common Grounded Switched Quasi Z-Source DC-DC Converter Using Coupled Inductor with Small Signal Analysis

Ataollah Samadian, Milad Ghavipanjeh Marangalu, Hadi Tarzamni, Seyed Hossein Hosseini, Mehran Sabahi, Ali Mehrizi-Sani 2023 IEEE Access

A Comprehensive Review on Flywheel Energy Storage Systems: Survey on Electrical Machines, Power Electronics Converters, and Control Systems

Reza Takarli, Ali Amini, Mohammadsadegh Khajueezadeh, Mohammad Shadnam Zarbil, Abolfazl Vahedi, Arash Kiyoumarsi, Hadi Tarzamni, Jorma Kyyra 2023 IEEE Access

Reliability Analysis on Winding Configurations of Variable Reluctance Resolver Under Faulty Conditions

Mahdi Emadaleslami, Mohammadsadegh Khajueezadeh, Mohammadebrahim Zarei, Mahmoudreza Haghifam, Hadi Tarzamni 2022 IEEE Access