Feng Bin

Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Feng Bin

Dr. Feng BIN, associate researcher fellow at the Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), graduated from Tianjin University with a Ph.D. degree. His research focuses on the catalytic combustion and gas pollutant control field. He serves as the editorial board member of "Carbon Resources Conversion", and presides over national and Chinese Academy of Sciences projects such as sub-projects of the National Key R&D Program, National Natural Science Foundation of China, and pilot projects of CAS. He has published more than 60 SCI papers in Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, Fuel, and other international journals, authorized more than 10 patents. He established substantive scientific research cooperation with many well-known foreign universities and research institutes such as the University of Liverpool in the UK, Aalto University in Finland, IWKS in Germany, etc.

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