Evgeniia Ponomareva

Doctoral Researcher
Doctoral Researcher
T304 Dept. Applied Physics
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  • Nuclear Materials and Engineering, Doctoral Researcher


Local electronic excitations induced by low-velocity light ion stopping in tungsten

Evgeniia Ponomareva, Eduardo Pitthan, Radek Holeňák, Jila Shams-Latifi, Glen Pádraig Kiely, Daniel Primetzhofer, Andrea E. Sand 2024 Physical Review B

Plasma-wave generation and acceleration of electrons by a nondiverging beating optical beam

Evgeniia Ponomareva, Andriy Shevchenko 2023 Physical Review Accelerators and Beams

Wavelength dependence of plasma-based THz generation in liquids

Evgeniia A. Ponomareva 2022 IRMMW-THz 2022 - 47th International Conference on Infrared, Millimeter and Terahertz Waves

Liquid jet-based broadband terahertz radiation source

Azat O. Ismagilov, Evgenia A. Ponomareva, Maria O. Zhukova, Sergey E. Putilin, Boris A. Nasedkin, Anton N. Tcypkin 2021 Optical engineering

Plasma reflectivity behavior under strong subpicosecond excitation of liquids

E. Ponomareva, A. Ismagilov, S. Putilin, A. N. Tcypkin 2021 APL Photonics

Strong terawatt pulses for the efficient plasma-based x-rays generation in flat water jet

E. A. Ponomareva, M. O. Zhukova, A. O. Ismagilov, P. A. Scheglov, M. V. Chaschin, M. M. Nazarov, A. N. Tsypkin 2021 Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics

Varying pre-plasma properties to boost terahertz wave generation in liquids

Evgenia A. Ponomareva, Azat O. Ismagilov, Sergey E. Putilin, Anton N. Tsypkin, Sergei A. Kozlov, Xi Cheng Zhang 2021 Communications Physics

Size dependence of the resonant third-order nonlinear refraction of colloidal PbS quantum dots

Ivan D. Skurlov, Evgeniia A. Ponomareva, Azat O. Ismagilov, Sergey E. Putilin, Ilia A. Vovk, Anastasiia V. Sokolova, Anton N. Tcypkin, Aleksandr P. Litvin 2020 Photonics

Double-pump technique – one step closer towards efficient liquid-based THz sources

Evgenia A. Ponomareva, Anton N. Tcypkin, Semen V. Smirnov, Sergey E. Putilin, E. Yiwen, Sergei A. Kozlov, Xi Cheng Zhang 2019 Optics Express

Impact of laser-ionized liquid nonlinear characteristics on the efficiency of terahertz wave generation

Evgenia A. Ponomareva, Sviatoslav A. Stumpf, Anton N. Tcypkin, Sergei A. Kozlov 2019 Optics Letters