Erik Matias Lintunen

Erik Matias Lintunen

Doctoral Researcher
Department of Computer Science

I'm a Doctoral Researcher in the Autotelic Interaction Research group @ Aalto University, supervised by Prof. Christian Guckelsberger. My research focuses on the computational modelling of psychologically plausible intrinsic motivation.

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Postal address
Konemiehentie 2 02150 Espoo Finland

Honors and awards

Finalist in WIRED Creative Hack Award 2018

Established in 2013, the CREATIVE HACK AWARD is an annual award for next-generation creators, who value ambitious vision and think beyond the borders of countries and regions.
Award or honor granted for a specific work Department of Computer Science Jan 2018

Research groups

  • Professorship Guckelsberger Christian, Doctoral Researcher


Advancing Self-Determination Theory With Computational Intrinsic Motivation: The Case of Competence

Erik Matias Lintunen, Nadia M. Ady, Christian Guckelsberger, Sebastian Deterding 2024

Computationally Modelling Self-Determination Theory for HCI: The Case of Competence

Erik Lintunen, Christian Guckelsberger, Sebastian Deterding 2023

Effects of Cognitive Abilities on Success in Computer Use

Erik Lintunen, Viljami Salmela, Petri Jarre, Tuukka Heikkinen, Markku Kilpeläinen, Markus Jokela, Antti Oulasvirta 2023

Comparing soft robotic affective touch to human and brush affective touch

C.Y. Zheng, K-J. Wang, M. Wairagkar, M. Von Mohr, Erik Lintunen, K. Fotopoulou 2021