Eric D. Wachsman

University of Maryland, USA
Eric D Wachsman

Dr. Eric D Wachsman is Director of the Maryland Energy Innovation Institute, and Crentz Centennial Chair in Energy Research at the University of Maryland. He is Vice President of The Electrochemical Society (ECS), a Fellow of both ECS and the American Ceramic Society, World Academy of Ceramics member, Editor-in-Chief of Ionics, and on the Editorial Board of Scientific Reports, Energy Systems, and Energy Technology and a member of the American Chemical Society, the International Society for Solid State Ionics, and the Materials Research Society. His research is focused on solid ion-conducting materials and electrocatalysts, and includes the development of solid oxide fuel cells, solid-state batteries, ion-transport membrane reactors, and solid-state gas sensors. He has more than 260 publications and 17 patents on ionic and electronic conducting materials and device performance, and to date three companies have been founded based on these technologies.

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