Charles Koutcheme

Charles Koutcheme

School common, SCI
Doctoral Researcher
T313 Dept. Computer Science
Doctoral Researcher
Department of Computer Science

I am a doctoral student at the School of Science. I am working on an interdisciplinary project combining knowledge in computing education and recent advances in natural language modelling. In a nutshell, I study how we can better support students learning how to program. My research aims to discover the relationships between programming assignments, students' approaches to solving the related problems, and the technical challenges they face in coming up with successful solutions. My work also investigates how we can use natural language modelling methods applied to source code to provide automatic feedback. 


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Konemiehentie 2 02150 Espoo Finland
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Machine learning, Computing education research, Deep learning, Natural Language Processing, 113 Computer and information sciences


Exploring How Students Solve Open-ended Assignments

Charles Koutcheme, Artturi Tilanterä, Aleksi Peltonen, Arto Hellas, Lassi Haaranen 2022 ITiCSE 2022 - Proceedings of the 27th ACM Conference on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education

Methodological Considerations for Predicting At-risk Students

Charles Koutcheme, Sami Sarsa, Arto Hellas, Lassi Haaranen, Juho Leinonen 2022 ACE '22: Australasian Computing Education Conference

Speeding Up Automated Assessment of Programming Exercises

Sami Sarsa, Juho Leinonen, Charles Koutcheme, Arto Hellas 2022 Proceedings of the 2022 Conference on United Kingdom & Ireland Computing Education Research

Analyzing Fine-Grained Material Usage Behavior

Charles Koutcheme, Juho Leinonen, Juha Sorva, Arto Hellas 2021 Seventh SPLICE Workshop at SIGCSE 2021 “CS Education Infrastructure for All III: From Ideas to Practice”