Bruno Dufau Mattos

Senior Scientist
Senior Scientist
T107 Bioproducts and Biosystems
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  • Bio-based Colloids and Materials, Senior Scientist


Endoglucanase effects on energy consumption in the mechanical fibrillation of cellulose fibers into nanocelluloses

Gabriela L. Berto, Bruno D. Mattos, Josman Velasco, Bin Zhao, Fernando Segato, Orlando J. Rojas, Valdeir Arantes 2023

Black Bioinks from Superstructured Carbonized Lignin Particles

Bruno Dufau Mattos, Noora Jäntti, Sergei Khakalo, Ya Zhu, Arttu Miettinen, Joni Parkkonen, Alexey Khakalo, Orlando Rojas, Mariko Ago 2023

Versatile Assembly of Metal–Phenolic Network Foams Enabled by Tannin–Cellulose Nanofibers

Bruno D. Mattos, Ya Zhu, Blaise L. Tardy, Marco Beaumont, Ana Carolina R. Ribeiro, André L. Missio, Caio G. Otoni, Orlando J. Rojas 2023

Wood-based superblack

Bin Zhao, Xuetong Shi, Sergei Khakalo, Yang Meng, Arttu Miettinen, Tuomas Turpeinen, Shuyi Mi, Zhipei Sun, Alexey Khakalo, Orlando Rojas Gaona, Bruno Dufau Mattos 2023

Production of sustainable polymeric composites using grape pomace biomass

Camila Berger, Bruno D. Mattos, Sandro C. Amico, Jorge Antonio de Farias, Rodrigo Coldebella, Darci A. Gatto, André L. Missio 2022

Nanocellulose Removes the Need for Chemical Crosslinking in Tannin-Based Rigid Foams and Enhances Their Strength and Fire Retardancy

André Luiz Missio, Caio G. Otoni, Bin Zhao, Marco Beaumont, Alexey Khakalo, Tero Kämäräinen, Silvia H.F. Silva, Bruno D. Mattos, Orlando J. Rojas 2022

Thermally Resistant, Self-Extinguishing Thermoplastic Composites Enabled by Tannin-Based Carbonaceous Particulate

André L. Missio, Rafael A. Delucis, Caio Gomide Otoni, Pedro H.G. de Cademartori, Rodrigo Coldebella, Arthur B. Aramburu, Bruno D. Mattos, Marlon B.B. Rodrigues, Nayara Lunkes, Darci A. Gatto, Jalel Labidi 2022

Multilayers of Renewable Nanostructured Materials with High Oxygen and Water Vapor Barriers for Food Packaging

Eva Pasquier, Bruno D. Mattos, Hanna Koivula, Alexey Khakalo, Mohamed Naceur Belgacem, Orlando J. Rojas, Julien Bras 2022

Superstable Wet Foams and Lightweight Solid Composites from Nanocellulose and Hydrophobic Particles

Roozbeh Abidnejad, Marco Beaumont, Blaise L. Tardy, Bruno D. Mattos, Orlando J. Rojas 2021

Plant Nanomaterials and Inspiration from Nature : Water Interactions and Hierarchically Structured Hydrogels

Rubina Ajdary, Blaise L. Tardy, Bruno D. Mattos, Long Bai, Orlando J. Rojas 2021