Ayesha Kousar

Doctoral Researcher
Doctoral Researcher
T410 Dept. Electrical Engineering and Automation
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  • Microsystems Technology, Doctoral Researcher


Modulating the Geometry of the Carbon Nanofiber Electrodes Provides Control over Dopamine Sensor Performance

Ayesha Kousar, Ishan Pande, Laura Ferrer Pascual, Emilia Peltola, Jani Sainio, Tomi Laurila 2023 Analytical Chemistry

Interface matters - Effects of catalyst layer metallurgy on macroscale morphology and electrochemical performance of carbon nanofiber electrodes

Ishan Pande, Laura Ferrer Pascual, Ayesha Kousar, Emilia Peltola, Hua Jiang, Tomi Laurila 2023 Diamond and Related Materials

Nanoscale engineering to control mass transfer on carbon-based electrodes

Laura Ferrer Pascual, Ishan Pande, Ayesha Kousar, Samuel Rantataro, Tomi Laurila 2022 Electrochemistry Communications

Nanostructured Geometries Strongly Affect Fouling of Carbon Electrodes

Ayesha Kousar, Emilia Peltola, Tomi Laurila 2021 ACS Omega