Antti Pirinen

University Lecturer
University Lecturer
T201 Dept. Architecture

I work in the intersection of product design and spatial design. My research interests include user-centred and collaborative design in the case of urban housing, as well as the emerging conceptual and strategic aspects of residential design and development that fall beyond traditional architectural design. At large, my research aims at contributing to a human-centred living environment where spaces, products, technologies and services conjoin to enable a better everyday life.

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Design types in diversified city administration

Sampsa Hyysalo, Kaisa Savolainen, Antti Pirinen, Tuuli Mattelmäki, Päivi Hietanen, Meri Virta 2022 The Design Research Society Conference (DRS2022)

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Anne Tervo, Sanna Meriläinen, Antti Pirinen 2018

The Barriers and Enablers of Co-design for Services

Antti Pirinen 2016 International Journal of Design

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