Andrea Botero Cabrera

Andrea Botero Cabrera

Professor (Associate Professor)
Department of Design
Research Fellow
Department of Design

My design works explore technologies, services, media formats and genres for collectives and communities. Through my research I aim to understand how collectives come to understand the design spaces available to them and how designers could support more various infrastructuring processes around them. Broadly, my work engages with the possibilities, and contradictions of participating in the creation of environments, tools and media that afford more relational and caring interactions among, and between people and their environment. This I have done multiple domains ranging from everyday life to scientific endeavors.

I am affiliated with the INUSE research group. Between fall 2019 and spring 2024 I am working on a  project exploring distributed, collaborative and experimental arrangements for innovation and design otherwise (Studio|Lab|Forest), with generous funding from the Academy of Finland. In addition to that I am involved in the Creatures project, and ambitious H2020 project exploring the role of creative practices in sustainability transformations. Since August 2022 I am also Assocaite professor at the Design department


Because of my research commitments at the moment I am only teaching one course

MUO-E8041  Collaborative and participatory techniques for design - Creative sustainability masters program (Fall 2022) at the Design Department.

I advice MA and DA students on a continous basis.


As a design practitioner I have worked in several design consultancies and in multiple R&D projects as user interfase and interaction designer. I do occasional consultancy and service design gigs, mostly through Suo&Co, a collective design research studio I convene with 3 other wonderful friends.

I have a BA in Industrial Design from Universidad Nacional de Colombia (COL) and an MA in Product and Strategic Design from Aalto ARTS, (formerly TAIK - FIN). I obtained my Doctor of Arts degree in New Media also from Aalto ARTS. Before returning to Aalto I worked at the department of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering at the University of Oulu (FIN) and I have been conspirator for some years at my own design research consultancy -called Suo&co- with some of my best friends .

In addition I am adjunct professor (dosenti) at the Faculty of Architecture and Design of Universidad de los Andes, in Bogotá (COL). In my spare time I collaborate with Fundación Karisma, a Colombian NGO seeking to respond to human rights issues in the context of digital technologies and social innovation dynamics and I do design and multigenerational diversity activism through Ninho ry, a Finnish NGO creating a more diverse and plurilingual children's culture in Finland.

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Collaborative design, co-design, Social innovation, New media, Design, Interaction design, Transformation, Social change, Collective Action, Participatory design, 6132 Visual arts and design, 520 Other social sciences, Industrial design, Science studies

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Keywords in Participatory Design - Version 1

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