Amal Elleuch

Sfax University, Tunisia
photo photo elleuch/iticat2019

Dr. Amal Elleuch was educated as an engineer of Energy. Since 2010 she have been working as an educator of physics, energy and environment courses. The focus of her research is on the development of promising renewable biofuels (Solid biochar or liquid bio-oils) issued from biomass and industrial wastes using several thermo-chemical processes to be applied in energy conversion systems. She got recently her Hdr degree in 2018 and her PhD degree in 2013 in Energy Engineering from ENIM (University of Monastir) in collaboration with Tianjin University (China). 

In recent years, she guided active research projects on using agricultural residues in a direct carbon fuel cell as an energy conversion system. She also worked in the field of eco-transportation and  investigated the feasibility of liquid bio-fuels in internal combustion engines. The purpose of her efforts is to increase the efficiency of energy conversion when using renewable resources. The keys are the prediction of the kinetic, heat and mass transfer phenomena and performances of the energy conversion systems on the basis of several numerical model results. Additionally,  the study of new  preparation techniques of biofuels and of  nano-materials for high temperature fuel cells (DCFC, SOFC). 

She is now assistant professor of physics at the Preparatory Institute of Engineering Studies of Sfax (IPEIS), Sfax University, Tunisia. During her researcher carrier in Micro Electro Thermal systems Research Unit (IPEIS-ENIS-Sfax), she had the opportunity to work as a visiting researcher/professor in Tianjin University of China (2018, 2014, 2011) and Aalto University of Finland (2017).

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