Akash Rajasekaran

Doctoral Researcher
Doctoral Researcher
T412 Department of Information and Communications Engineering
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  • Communication Engineering, Doctoral Researcher


Unmanned aerial vehicle localization using angle of departure from a single base station and dead-reckoning

Akash Rajasekaran, Mehari Meles, Reino Virrankoski, Riku Jäntti 2024

Impact of carrier frequency offset and phase noise on the steering vector for 3D drone localization based on angle of arrival (AOA).

Mehari Meles, Akash Rajasekaran, Lauri Mela, Kalle Ruttik, Riku Jäntti 2023 2023 16th International Conference on Signal Processing and Communication System (ICSPCS)

Performance evaluation of measurement based GPS denied 3D drone localization and tracking

Mehari Meles, Akash Rajasekaran, Lauri Mela, Reza Ghazalian, Kalle Ruttik, Riku Jäntti 2023 2023 IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference (WCNC)

Towards enabling reliable immersive teleoperation through Digital Twin: A UAV command and control use case

Nassim Sehad, Xinyi Tu, Akash Rajasekaran, Hamed Hellaoui, Riku Jäntti, Merouane Debbah 2023 IEEE Global Communications Conference 2023

Drone localization based on 3D-AoA signal measurements

Mehari Meles, Lauri Mela, Akash Rajasekaran, Kalle Ruttik, Riku Jantti 2022 2022 IEEE 95th Vehicular Technology Conference - Spring, VTC 2022-Spring - Proceedings

Measurement based performance evaluation of drone self-localization using AoA of cellular signals

Mehari Meles, Akash Rajasekaran, Kalle Ruttik, Reino Virrankoski, Riku Jantti 2021 WPMC 2021 - 24th International Symposium on Wireless Personal Multimedia Communications