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Advanced deposition tools for the development of oxide thin films

Camilla Tossi, Ornella Laouadi, Ramesh Raju, Ilkka Tittonen, Aadesh P. Singh 2023 Defect-Induced Magnetism in Oxide Semiconductors

Hydrogen induced interface engineering in Fe2O3-TiO2heterostructures for efficient charge separation for solar-driven water oxidation in photoelectrochemical cells

Aadesh P. Singh, Richard Baochang Wang, Camilla Tossi, Ilkka Tittonen, Björn Wickman, Anders Hellman 2021

Enhancing the Hydrogen Evolution Properties of Kesterite Absorber by Si-Doping in the Surface of CZTS Thin Film

Manoj Vishwakarma, Mukesh Kumar, Mylène Hendrickx, Joke Hadermann, Aadesh P. Singh, Yogita Batra, B. R. Mehta 2021

BiVO4/TiO2 core-shell heterostructure

Mannan Mehta, Satheesh Krishnamurthy, Suddhasatwa Basu, Tony P. Nixon, Aadesh P. Singh 2020

Improved water oxidation performance of ultra-thin planar hematite photoanode

Aadesh P. Singh, Alexander Levinsson, Beniamino Iandolo, Jani Oksanen, Anders Hellman, Björn Wickman 2020

Synergies of co-doping in ultra-thin hematite photoanodes for solar water oxidation: In and Ti as representative case

Aadesh P. Singh, Camilla Tossi, Ilkka Tittonen, Anders Hellman, Björn Wickman 2020