Our results have been divided into two sections: marketing potential and process. Marketing potential includes the economic aspect of the project while process focuses on the technical nature.

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Process and optimization

Optimization tests were run with a lab scale pilot plant. The reject water tested came from HSY (Helsingin seudun ympäristöpalvelut, Environmental services for Helsinki area) Viikinmäki waste water treatment plant and HSY Ämmässuo biogas plant.

Nitrogen availability

There are several types of waste which can be recycled after major or minor treatment. Cattle manure and compost from organic waste has been reused for several decades but there are other waste streams which are not easily acceptable to use in agriculture.

Marketing potential

The reject waters of digesters in Finland have an interesting marketing potential for NPHarvest-technique. The amount of biogas plants has increased over the last decade: in 2017 total amount of 330 000 tons of sludge or organic waste was digested. Reject water was produced over 5 million cubic meters.

Economic feasibility

A rough estimate of the economic viability was prepared. It is the comparison between traditional process costs and NPHarvest process costs.

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